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Instant Juicer


Thirsty for juice? Just grab any fruit and attach this instant juicer! Twist the faucet to get a steady flow of fresh fruit juice anytime, anywhere.

This gift is gone — for a good cause.

This gift has gone to do good.

Sorry, this item doesn’t really exist – but we’ve got something even better in its place! Instead of buying an Instant Juicer, you can donate a pack of UNICEF Rehydration Formula in the name of a loved one.

Where will your gift go?

Diarrhea is one of the leading causes of death in children under age 5. Your donation will enable UNICEF to provide the poorest children with life-saving treatment to recover from this illness.

Your gift can help send one (1) pack of UNICEF Rehydration Formula to a UNICEF-trained health worker to treat a child with diarrhea.


P 299.00


What are Inspired Gifts?

Surprise your loved ones with a special kind of present, one that gifts twice.

For this most meaningful time of the year, give a UNICEF Inspired Gift to a Filipino child in need on behalf of your loved ones.

UNICEF Inspired gifts are real items such as school backpacks, therapeutic food, and emergency supplies that you can give to make an instant impact on children's lives.


Search for a lifesaving gift from the home page. Each gift helps Filipino children in need.


Dedicate your gift to a loved one with a personalized e-greeting.


UNICEF delivers the lifesaving gift to children who need it the most.

Note: Your donation will help provide your chosen UNICEF Inspired Gift but may be substituted for another life-saving item depending on where the need is greatest.