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The best Kris Kringle gift is the one they won't receive.

The best Kris Kringle gift is the one they won't receive.

How to give an inspired gift

Choose an Inspired Gift

Dedicate and Personalize Your Gift

Save Lives

Step 1: Choose an Inspired Gift

Choose a gift idea that has an instant impact on children in the Philippines.

Learning Supplies

Basic classroom supplies for use by a teacher

Water Kit

A water container and purification solution for a family of six

School Kit

A backpack and school supplies for one child

School Hygiene Kit

Toothbrushes, toothpastes, and soaps for a classroom of 50 students

Malnutrition Treatment

Medicine and sachets of therapeutic food for one severely malnourished child

Child Protection

Seminars and materials to help one community prevent online sexual abuse and exploitation

Step 2: Dedicate and Personalize Your Gift

Send a personalized eCard to a friend or loved one for the gift you made in their honor.

When you buy an Inspired Gift on behalf of a friend or family member, we will send that person a personalised e-card with a photograph and description of the gift.

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Step 3: Save Lives

Each life-saving gift will help children where they need it most.

Your Gifts

Here is a summary of all the gifts you selected.

Learning Supplies

Php 300


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